Breaking the Silos
The Power to Integrate

Ronald Van Loon

CEO of the Intelligent World

Juergen Lindner

Senior Vice President, Global Marketing Head SaaS at Oracle

Michaela Vaitl

Managing Director, Accenture Strategy Consulting

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Learn why you need to break away from data silos, and how it will give your business the power to integrate and establish infrastructure to support resilience:
  • Why data silos are now becoming obsolete.
  • What challenges you’ll face as you break away from silos.
  • How the cloud supports innovation.
  • The importance of workforce planning.
  • What the future holds for businesses if they start now.

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What does it take to break away from the silos and embrace the power to innovate? How can companies adequately prepare for a new future defined by resilience and adaptability?

As the impact of the pandemic progresses and the world and businesses continues to change, the traditional approach to data storage and usage has also dramatically altered. Silos are becoming obsolete, workloads are shifting, and businesses need to stay connected—to both their business teams and customers.

Companies are realizing just how unprepared they were for an unexpected disruption like the pandemic; lacking the infrastructure and resources to support business operations in any circumstance. The infrastructure that is in place is often static, unscalable, and can’t handle the rapid change in the shift to remote workforces and workflows. Organizations are discovering that in order to be resilient, they need a cloud based approach with the ability to integrate and innovate, even as business needs and customer expectations shift.

Find out in a conversational, fast-paced webinar with Senior VP of Marketing and SaaS at Oracle, Juergen Lindner; Managing Director, Accenture Strategy Consulting, Michaela Vaitl; and Top 10 Global AI, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Futurism Thought Leader, Ronald van Loon, as they paint a full picture of a cloud based strategy, lay out the merits and challenges of doing so, and discuss critical points along the data journey:

  • Learn how the transition to remote work has forced employees to adapt to new scenarios, and how silos increase the complications and challenges of this transition.
  • The importance of workforce planning and management in remote work scenarios.
  • How breaking silos and integration is playing a key role in the success of remote work scenarios.
  • How the cloud acts as the perfect ecosystem to facilitate thriving remote work environments.
  • What the future holds for businesses as we move past COVID into a post-pandemic world, and how starting now ensures adaptability and resilience for the future.

By clicking 'Watch Now', you confirm that you have read the privacy policy

By clicking 'Watch Now', you confirm that you have read the privacy policy


Juergen Lindner:

Juergen Lindner is Oracle’s senior vice president and global marketing head for SaaS, focusing on enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise performance management (EPM) and supply chain management (SCM). He is responsible globally for SaaS thought leadership, go-to-market strategy, and sales enablement.

As a more than 20-year veteran of the enterprise software industry, Lindner is continuously driven to help companies succeed in their transformation journeys and take full advantage of emerging technologies.

Lindner holds a masters degree in international business administration and management from the University of Applied Sciences in Konstanz, Germany.

Michaela Vaitl:

Michaela Vaitl is the Managing Director, Accenture Strategy Consulting, and is leading the digital finance work for Accenture in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Russia. She has 20 years of experience helping clients to actually change, and to evolve their finance and enterprise functions, like HR and procurement, into the next step of evolution.

She deploys her experience to help organizations find out what is the next thing to do in order to stay relevant, to support the business, and be a vital function of the entire business ecosystem.

Ronald van Loon:

Ronald van Loon is recognized as a Top 10 Global Influencer and Thought Leader in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Data Science, Internet of Things, 5G, Machine Learning, Digital Transformation, and Futurism.

He engages and interacts with over 300,000 of his active data and analytics fans across his various social media channels, where he posts thought provoking content daily. He is also a frequent influencer and public speaker for leading industry events all over the world.

He is currently the CEO of The Intelligent World, a consultancy & research network of thought leaders, analysts, and influencers. He is also Advisory Board Member & course advisor for Simplilearn, a leading professional certification training company.

His passion lies in helping companies implement successful data and analytics strategies to meet and surpass their goals in this quickly evolving digital age.

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