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Discover exact market leader AI strategies on:

  • How to boost user experiences in every industry
  • Best practices, failures, and practical examples
  • Tips and insights from global top experts
  • Step-by-step process for implementing AI in your business
  • On-demand video course priced at $2,000. A sponsor has stepped in to cover the expense of limited nr of seats. Now only 11 available for FREE!
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The convenience, accessibility and automation of today’s technologies has forever altered our expectations, experiences and interactions. Companies are facing surmounting challenges in delivering exceptional experiences and service interaction at scale. Learn why AI is the innovation-driving strategy solution being used to accelerate automation, efficiency, self-service, accessibility, scalability, and productivity in numerous industries and use cases. Understand the entire planning, implementation, deployment, and maintenance processes, and how to incorporate compliance and ethical considerations—all laid out in practical, easily digestible chapters.

14 global AI top experts share 36 game-changing topics:

  • Understand the difference between Conversational AI and chatbots.
  • How to develop an AI strategy.
  • Overcome common challenges that can occur during AI strategy development.
  • Use Cases in various industries and emerging AI applications.
  • How to identify and address common technical barriers.
  • Understand how to reduce service costs.
  • How to create more integration and agility across all departments.
  • How to create more integration and agility across all departments.
  • How to effectively manage an implementation.
  • How to effectively address security and compliance challenges.
  • How to strengthen customer trust and brand integrity.
  • And 26 other AI topics you should know about as a business leader.
Ronald van Loon with Top Leaders

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About Ronald Van Loon

I am recognized as a Top 10 Global Influencer in Big Data, Data Science, Internet of Things, 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Digital Transformation.

A globally acknowledged thought leader and top industry professional across several sectors, I am also a frequent influencer & public speaker for AI, Big Data, IoT, and Data Science events.

I have worked with many executives and subject matter experts of more than 50 top companies around the world such as Intel, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, SAP, Oracle, Google, HPE, Huawei, Ericsson, LexisNexis, Citrix, TomTom, Elsevier, PTC, Tata Communications, Atos, Microstrategy, Adobe, SAS, KPMG, Mahindra Comviva, and many more.

Presently, I am the CEO of the Intelligent World, a consultancy & research network of thought leaders, analysts and influencers, and Advisory Board Member & course advisor for leading professional certification training company Simplilearn.

My passion lies in helping companies implement successful data and analytics strategies to meet and surpass their goals in this digital age.

Some of my accomplishments along my journey:

  • Partnered and worked with over 50 leading data & analytics organizations
  • Attended more than 50 industry-leading events across the world
  • Interviewed over 500 of the brightest people on the planet
  • Written and published more than 150 articles and 200 videos
  • Hosted over 20 webinars

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