Digital Transformation

Modernizing the Business Experience Today and Tomorrow

Analyst: Ronald van Loon
Top 10 Global AI & Big Data Influencer, HPE Partner

Kumar Sreekanti

CTO and Head of Software, HPE
Robert Christiansen
VP, Strategy, Office of the CTO, HPE
Doug Cackett
Distinguished Technologist, HPE Ezmeral, HPE
Nanda Vijaydev
Distinguished Technologist, Lead Data Scientist

Learn about how you can transform apps, ops, and data to accelerate time-to-value and efficiency for a data-driven digital transformation.

  • In-depth analysis of Kumar Sreekanti, Robert Christiansen, Doug Cackett and Nanda Vijaydev's HPE Discover Virtual Experience Keynote.
  • The different ways leaders can modernize their organization's strategies, data and analytics to unlock the full potential of their data.
  • Watch and learn how HPE is applying HPE Ezmeral for data-driven digital transformation and how enterprises are effectively deploying machine learning and data science at scale.

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10th September, 2020

17.00PM - CET

11.00AM - EST

8.00AM - PDT

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About The Speakers

Kumar Sreekanti

Kumar Sreekanti is Chief Technology Officer and Head of Software for HPE. Software plays a foundational strategic role in enabling HPE’s edge-to-cloud platform-as-a-service strategy. In this dual role, Kumar drives the innovation agenda and technology roadmap for HPE, and leads the strategy, design and development for the HPE software defined portfolio, enabling and powering our edge-to-cloud platform-as-a-service strategy through cloud native, automated, and differentiated experiences for our customers.

Kumar joined HPE through the acquisition of BlueData, where he was co-founder and CEO. Prior to BlueData, Kumar was Vice President of R&D at VMware, responsible for new technology innovations such as VSAN, Virtual Volumes, and Virtual Flash. Earlier in his career, Kumar held senior technical and engineering management positions with Akamai Technologies, Adaptec, Mylex, and Seagate.

Robert Christiansen

Robert Christiansen is a key executive in the CTO Office at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, setting the strategy and evangelizing the company's vision. In this role, Robert is dedicated to key global clients and partners, deepening those relationships, and aligning joint technology efforts to improve the way people live and work.

Robert is a contributing writer for CIO, Forbes, TechTarget, and numerous industry magazines, and a major contributor to The Doppler, the cloud industry’s thought leadership publication. He is also a keynote speaker at numerous technology and HPE-led events, clearly articulating technology shifts while having a great time doing it!

Doug Cackett

Doug Cackett is EMEA Field CTO for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. As the Field CTO, his role is to help shape and drive the go-to-market and customer experience for HPE's largest and most innovative customers across the EMEA region and beyond. He has a proven track record of collaborating and working with customers and partners to deliver transformational solutions through blending his extensive experience with the capabilities of today’s Big Data and Analytical technologies.

Doug is recognised as an authority and thought leader in Big Data, Information Management, Data Warehousing, Data Mining and Analytics. A trusted advisor, working with large enterprise customers across a range of geographies and industries, including Telecoms, Retail and Financial Services.

Nanda Vijaydev

Nanda Vijaydev is the lead data scientist and distinguished technologist at HPE, where she leverages technologies like TensorFlow, H2O, and Spark to build solutions for enterprise machine learning and deep learning use cases.

Nanda has more than 10 years of experience in data science and data management. Previously, she worked on data science projects in multiple industries as a principal solutions architect at Silicon Valley Data Science and served as director of solutions engineering at Karmasphere.

Ronald van Loon

Ronald van Loon is recognized as a Top 10 Global Influencer and Thought Leader in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Digital Transformation, Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, and Futurism.

He has been invited to over 60 industry AI, Big Data, IoT, and Data Science events and has worked with many executives of top companies around the world, including Intel, IBM, Oracle, SAP, HPE, Ericsson, LexisNexis, Elsevier, PTC, Tata Communications, Microstrategy, Adobe, SAS, KPMG, Mahindra Comviva, and many more.

Presently, he is the CEO of Intelligent World, and Advisory Board Member & course advisor for leading professional certification training company, Simplilearn.

His passion is in helping companies implement successful data and analytics strategies to meet and surpass their goals in this digital age.

Some of his accomplishments along his journey:

  • Partner and worked with over 50 leading data & analytics organizations
  • Written and published more than 150 articles
  • Interviewed over 100 brightest people on the planet
  • Hosted over 20 webinars
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