Premier Live Clubhouse Broadcast:

Why You Should Care About Data Literacy

Analyst: Ronald van Loon
CEO & Principal Analyst, The Intelligent World
Top 10 Global AI & Data Science, & Big Data Influencer
SAS Partner

Panel Members: Lucy Kosturko

Education Initiatives Manager, SAS
David Tareen

Director of Product Marketing, SAS
Kirk Borne

Chief Science Officer at DataPrime, Inc.
Joshua Starmer

Founder & CEO, StatQuest
Sally Eaves

Emergent Technology CTO, Global Strategy Advisor
Marcia Walker

Principal Consultant, SAS
Dean Shaw

Principal Program Manager, SAS

Learn how the role of data is shifting from an exclusive data science tool to a standard competency & driver of success in today’s world:

  • Take a deep dive into the growing trend & value of data literacy
  • Learn why consuming, interpreting & understanding data is becoming a new standard business language & competency
  • Explore the distinction between data literacy & technical literacy
  • Learn which resources are available to improve data knowledge, including reskilling & upskilling

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20th May, 2021

12:00 PM - PDT

3:00 PM - EDT

21:00 - CET

Live on Clubhouse

About The Host

Ronald van Loon

Ronald van Loon is recognized as a Top 10 Global Influencer and Thought Leader in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Digital Transformation, Business Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, and Futurism.

He has been invited to over 60 industry AI, Big Data, IoT, and Data Science events and has worked with many executives of top companies around the world, including Intel, IBM, Oracle, SAP, HPE, Ericsson, LexisNexis, Elsevier, PTC, Tata Communications, Microstrategy, Adobe, SAS, KPMG, Mahindra Comviva, and many more.

Presently, he is the CEO of Intelligent World, and Advisory Board Member & course advisor for leading professional certification training company, Simplilearn.

His passion is in helping companies implement successful data and analytics strategies to meet and surpass their goals in this digital age.

Some of his accomplishments along his journey:

  • Partner and worked with over 50 leading data & analytics organizations
  • Written and published more than 150 articles
  • Interviewed over 100 brightest people on the planet
  • Hosted over 20 webinars
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