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How to take a Multinational B2B technology company from traditional channel communications to 700% increase in engagement in one event using influencers

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50 Leading Global B2B Technology Vendors and Service Providers, and Counting

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Case Studies

Story: Oracle drives a reconsideration of their brand from a traditional media approach to strategically incorporating a digital influence approach on a continuous basis, with 700% more engagement and best engagement per dollar investment compared to any media channel

Old Way: Before engaging with the Intelligent World, we were following a traditional media approach, running and doing everything ourselves on our own channels, and started to engage with some influencers digitally from social media platforms like Twitter.

New Way: We started working with the Intelligent World, and now we're using a broader influencer model that drives influence into the marketplace, approach problem solving with collaboration, and include our team members and executives in the experience.

Old Result: But this wasn't getting us all the way there; we weren't getting value for our money, had a negative ROI, and weren't making any progress. We also couldn't discover what a successful engagement model was for any particular problem we might be having, and the engagement felt too transactional.

New Result: "The results were great: we increased our content engagement by 700% on a continuous basis and get the best engagement per dollar investment compared to any media channel.

Paul de Lara

Corporate Communications Director, EMEA at Oracle

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Story: HPE tried to increase their brand engagement with authentic influencer content, and was one of the first B2B tech companies to utilize an influencer program. In the B2C world, influencers are often expected to be celebrities, but in the B2B world, they value influencers with credibility in the subject matter, a relevant audience type, and engagement and reach.

Old Way: Before engaging with the Intelligent World, we were using influencers with a high follower count but low video quality, format, and production capabilities, or high quality production value without the authentic high quality content, audience reach, size, and engagement we wanted.

New Way: We started working with the Intelligent World, and are now using an influencer model where we can create authentic, high quality video content with the right subject matter expertise, like live broadcasts and recorded video interviews featuring our executives, experts, and other leaders for both physical and virtual events in a continuous program.

Old Result: But we couldn't get the required subject matter expertise, video quality production quality and formats reflective of our brand, as well as getting the relevant audience reach, size, and engagement, or an engagement model that could quickly scale.

New Result: "At HPE we're looking for engagement and have a formula called 'social actions,' and that's a combination of video views, likes, retweets, and mentions, as well as replies. The size of the social audience helps us scale those numbers quickly, and we've seen exponential progress and a significant increase in audience engagement and reach when comparing our virtual events from 2019 to 2020. We can't make numbers publicly available, but we're very pleased with this annual model and partnership with the Intelligent World."

Laura Mackey

Global Influencer Marketing Manager, HPE

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Story: Loyal Influencers wants to broaden the online marketing impact of their 30 influencer team by adding the expertise, relevant audience base, and content format of a technology and data and analytics influencer to their full service program. By including a new top global influencer in this domain into their marketing mix, they plan on opening up their agency influence into new Dutch and European markets.

Old Way: Before working with the Intelligent World and adding Ronald into their team of influencers, Loyal Influencers was helping over 30 influencers across diverse industries and branches, and running different scale projects on various social media platforms. They didn’t have a technology influencer on their team to enable their agency to successfully enter a new market.

Old Results But this was preventing their agency from attracting new B2B clients in the technology industry, and helping these companies gain the awareness and visibility necessary to drive influence into the right market given the spirit and climate of the current times, and the pervasiveness of new technologies.

New Way With Ronald van Loon joining Loyal Influencers’ marketing mix and team of 30 influencers, B2B companies in Holland, Europe, and the U.S. are able to benefit from a partnership that can effectively fill the gap organizations are experiencing with implementing an effective influence campaign for offline events. Now they can have the proven digital production capabilities, high-end content and videos, and results to amplify engagement and awareness to both their audiences and a relevant new audience with a thought leadership and influencer program that already works for B2B firms in all countries.

New Results The results are proven; “because the results are very, very good, maybe we can also use a bit of the timeframe we are in now. Companies, especially corporates, have to reallocate their budgets and they definitely have to use your approach because in the end, results are very important and you already have the use case. It’s working.”

Ginger Lebbink

Loyal Influencers

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Who This Is For ?

"You are a multinational B2B technology or service company in cloud, data, analytics, edge to cloud, IoT, or AI application domain who wants to drive a reconsideration of your brand to your existing and new target audiences. You want a deeper transition; to move your company from who your clients and prospects think you are to ensuring they're actually understanding who you are and what your brand is doing today. You want to ask them, ""do you know that we also do offer these kinds of helpful resources and services?"

But you can't get the impact and influence to the right market using traditional channels, or only your own channels, or by using other influencers, and you're feeling frustrated because you know your company has an important story to share and you need to effectively amplify your message. The pressure is high because your competitors are bringing new innovation to the market. Failing to reach your target audience now will negatively impact your thought leadership and influence in the market, and indirectly result in less leads and sales.

The speed for digital transformation is extremely accelerated due to the current circumstances. This is the moment to communicate new messages, and inform and educate your target audience about how they can benefit from technology.

And that's really where the Intelligent World is helping, and why our influencer program is a fundamental part of that journey and how you reach your target audiences and drive influence to the market place."

Core Concept :

"Historically, our world was a traditional media relations world. And from a digital point of view, digital influence is perceived as synonymous with posting on your own channels. And while posting on and running your own channels is an important aspect of digital influence, you must do it consistently and in a structured way. But it's never going to get you all the way where you need to be.

And it comes down to: how do we genuinely feel as though we can truly make an impact to audiences?

There's a new group of domain experts and thought leaders in the B2B market who have substantial influence. In fact, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer, 63% of audiences trust what this group has to say about brands more than the actual brands themselves. And 65% of B2B buyers prefer credible content from industry influencers, according to a Demand Gen Report.

So really it's about moving away from a more traditional publishing model to a wider influence model, and not doing it as influencers, but as drivers of influence into the marketplace.

How can your company really make content influence audiences, and not simply publish something that moves things?

This is really where the Intelligent World is helping, and why the influence(r) and thought leadership program is a fundamental part of that journey and the way to reach your target audiences, involve your employees, client, and partner stories, and drive influence to the market.

Relevant, high quality, and social media types of videos created with influencers, vendors, executives, experts, clients, and partners - and distributed via both vendor and influencer channels - delivers that missing piece to drive impact into the marketplace. And the Intelligent World approach does it with More Return on Engagement From a Dollar Investment in Communications than ANY Other Medium and an Increase of 700% on Content Engagement at One Event."

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How does the Intelligent World program work, and how does it benefit you?

Old Way

"Most of the communication part of traditional media formats are still in writing. Video is often a very limited part because of both the cost and the process complexity.

If videos are created, there's several teams and meetings involved in the process: the vendor's communication team defines the format with the product management team, and several meetings are usually held to arrive at a theme and format before internal approval is conducted by multiple teams. The team also has to arrange a recording crew, scripts, editing, and acquire actors or use their own employees. Plus they often use their own branded formats with introduction music, with the focus being on the explanation and promotion of the new services and features."

New Way

"We make it simple: just schedule a call with an influencer, interviewee, or communications team member.

In only 15-25 minutes, the team, educational format, and technical test have been done. The content is straightforward so a viewer can decide in a split second if they want to view it."

Old Result

Defining the process often takes weeks, then arranging production teams and planning the cost requires another few weeks. The formats might be effective on your own website, but due to the advertorial nature of this format and the feeling it invokes, these aren't shared by other external channels.

New Result

You've scheduled a date and time for the recording, and the technical recording test has already been done in just 25 minutes.

Unique Useful Insight

"There are nine or more different expert disciplines and (review) steps required to create video content, and each discipline requires expertise to get an optimal result.

The Intelligent World team works on a global scale around the clock. We have project managers in place and a central system (that you have access to) in order to best manage the complex production process. We also have more than 100 check points for each video to ensure quality and consistency. Our teams focuses on creating these specialized types of videos all the time with the goal of delivering results."

Old Way

Hire an External Production Team

Formats are typically scripted in detail, requiring multiple takes and an extensive editing and reviewing process.

It's between $1,000.00 to $3,500.00 to have an external production team do a recording. These team are often experts in on-site recording, but have limited experience with online recording. Flaws that occur during recordings often go unnoticed during the actual recording, and can't be recovered anymore once the recording is completed. This results in a flawed recording with hiccips that reflect the lack of experience and can't be remedied or recovered during post-production and editing.

The editing process itself is time consuming because it's a series of back and forth between the editor and the comms team.

New Way

"A 30 minute recording setup and technical check for the influencer and the executive is as time consuming as it gets.

Then within two days, the video is ready, including professional editing and subtitling, and customized formatting for different social media platforms and formats.

The communications team only needs to do a final check for any corrections, or give approval. It's that easy."

Old Result

"An external team costs between $1k to $3.5k per recording, and the editing and subtitling process takes weeks and is time consuming for the comms teams.

Because of the complex and time consuming process, vendors end up not creating many assets. And on social media, the volume of high quality assets matters and makes a difference in establishing influence in the marketplace. So for external production teams, the focus often stays on the promotional part of the content and defining a similar format, often with an introtune.

On social media, a user only needs a split second to decide if they're going to watch a video; introtunes lead to a substantial decrease in resonance because the viewer believes they're repeatedly watching the same content."

New Result

"Create easy, authentic, proven, high quality video formats with (your own) top influencers that you trust with executives, domain experts, clients, and partners.

You can start small on an event per event basis, come up with part of an idea, and work as a team with your media agency or your own communications team to create better authentic content that aligns with your brand story.

This results in a high quality video with educational content that resonates with the audience, including subtitles for viewers who have audio switched off. There's also the option to have subtitles in different languages to better reach audiences across multiple languages."

Unique Useful Insight

"There are nine or more different expert disciplines and (review) steps required to create video content, and each discipline requires expertise to get an optimal result.

The Intelligent World team works on a global scale around the clock. We have project managers in place and a central system (that you have access to) in order to best manage the complex production process. We also have more than 100 check points for each video to ensure quality and consistency. Our teams focuses on creating these specialized types of videos all the time with the goal of delivering results."

Old Way

Post your own content on your own vendor social channels and website

New Way

As soon as the content is published, both the vendor's communication team and the Intelligent World team start a series of activities to promote the content to the target audiences to facilitate the first interactions to trigger the algorithms on the social channels. The algorithms take care of exponential exposure, and because the content is educational, people are much more willing to share this valuable piece of of content.

Old Result

"Only your fans that follow you get informed. This is important, but it's only a small part of the marketplace and a limited part of the audience you want to reach.

The engagement is limited because the content has a promotional character and only your own employees are involved."

New Result

Engagement levels that are 700% higher compared to traditional channels and the best ROI investment per dollar spent. These are metrics that you can actually measure: video views, likes, shares, comments, keyboard interactions to track engagement. We provide you the reporting information and you can track it yourself, as well.

Unique Useful Insight

Most people think that you post the content and that's it, your work is done. But the content needs to be promoted to the right people and channels as soon as possible. Promotion through direct messaging, email, informing other social influencers, vendors channels, and more, is crucial to get the engagement level with the right target audience that triggers the algorithms to amplify and share your message with similar people.

Over 200 executives, domain experts and influencers participated

Keynote Analysis Featuring Executives & Experts
Executive Interviews
Vendor own Influencers Conducting Executive Interview
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Background and Credibility

Ronald van Loon


"Ronald van Loon has created and produced original recordings and content with over 200 domain experts, including CTO of Microsoft, CTO of Huawei, CEO of HPE, CEO of Cisco, and many more. For years he's been a globally recognized top ten influencer and thought leader in AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Big Data, Data Science, Digital Transformation, and Futurism, and uses his passion and enthusiam for the industry to educate, inform, and inspire his 300,000 + active data and analytics fans.

He also applied his passion for sharing his knowledge to his approach of influencer and thought leadership marketing, and founded the Intelligent World. Through the Intelligent World platform, this easy to use, proven influencer and thought leadership program can be widely available for communication and marketing professionals in the B2B tech industry."

Q & A

Q1. How do I know this is going to work for me?

We tailor our content around your brand's target audience, your marketing objectives, your story, and the value and authority that you bring to your domain while maintaining the influencer and thought leader's authentic thoughts, approach, and expertise. There's no cookie-cutter templates here; all of our professionally produced content is developed for your company, and is designed in a way to highlight the expertise and experience of your executives, subject matter experts, and representatives so your brand can educate, inspire, and connect with both your target audience and a relevant new audience.

Q1. How do I know this is worth the money?

Actual cases speak louder than words - simply take a look above at the success stories from over 50 leading tech vendors and service providers, and over 20 PR and Communication agencies. We deliver the best ROI on engagement per dollar spent. And you don't have to take our word for it. These are metrics that you can actually measure: video views, likes, shares, comments, and keyboard interactions to track engagement.

Q3. How do I know this is worth the time?

We value your time and have made it fast and simple for you to use our services. We have a proven end-to-end process that minimizes your time, keeping control through the whole process while maximizing results. There's limited amount of effort required on your part to gain the service and the measurable benchmarks, and ROI you're looking to achieve.

Q4. How do I know I can trust you and your business?

"Over 50 of the world's leading B2B technology companies and their top executives and subject matter experts have entrusted us with their messages, stories, and developments over the last three years.
We were one of the first in our space to create a social media presence with unforgettable, visually dynamic, and compelling video content and have set the industry standard for professionally produced digital content. People say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but while others may imitate, they can never reproduce our originality, production level, streamlined processes, quality, efficiency, or measurable outcomes."

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